Is It Time to Get Organized? 10 Signs It Is!

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Is It Time to Get Organized? 10 Signs It Is!

Has your "stuff" taken over your space? The items that fill our homes can be cherished, but when those items start to get in the way, It may be time to clear clutter from your home. If you care for your home and an aging loved one too, this can become even more complex.

We have signs to help you decide if your possessions are holding you or a loved one back from being organized. In both cases, we can easily become blind to the number of items we accumulate over time and grow accustomed to clutter being there. If you’re not sure you need to remove excess "stuff" from your living environment here are signs clutter has taken over and it’s time to get organized.

In Your Home

Streamlining in your home to save space could help you stop clutter from taking over your space. Each room should have designated spaces for everything that belongs in the room. Here are signs you may have too much "stuff" in your home:

  • You planned to clear clutter and get organized for a while, but haven't had time.
  • You have more clothing and shoes in your home than can be worn in a specific season and laundry has become overwhelming.
  • You have trouble finding items like keys or other daily essentials frequently.
  • You have multiple spaces where "stuff" consistently continues to accumulate.
  • You have a large amount of items connected to memories or emotions that have taken up too much space.

3 Tips to Start Getting Organized

  • Create a plan. Start the process by deciding which items are most meaningful to you and what you need for your family’s daily routine. Then identify heirlooms and keepsakes you are certain you want to keep.
  • Know your space. Understand the layout, limitations, and organization wishes for your home. Decide what you believe should comfortably be in each room.
  • Sort your items. Decide which items you want to donate or consider selling. Evaluate the best options to help you with that task.

In Your Loved One's Home

Here’s a list of significant changes that could indicate your parents may currently or soon need additional support streamlining or professional decluttering help:

  • You observe stacks of unpaid bills or late notices.
  • Your loved one has trouble finding important or daily use items.
  • Changes in housekeeping that indicate parents are having trouble with clutter.
  • Clutter is causing numerous safety concerns in the home, such as covering heat and air conditioning ducts or trip and fall hazards.
  • Clutter is leading to issues with disorganized medications, spoiled food in the fridge, lack of healthy food items, infestations or mold.

3 Tips to Help Loved One’s Streamline

  • Help your loved one get rid of items that belong to other people. Have they held on to your childhood furniture and keepsakes or stored items for family and friends? If your answer is yes, start clearing those items.
  • Dispose of broken and outdated items. In most cases, broken items are no longer useful or functional, but a hazard. Be sure to discard these items to clear room as well as for safety.
  • Be patient and prioritize the well-being of everyone involved. In a world driven by immediacy, we often want instant results. Remember this is a process that works best with a plan and lots of patience. If the task exceeds what you comfortably do, experts like those at Caring Transitions can help.

If these signs describe your home or your loved one's home, it's time to reclaim your space and get organized! This can be an overwhelming task, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our experts at Caring Transitions can help you clear space. Contact us today to create on a plan and start the journey to an organized home.

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