Refresh Your Home with These Spring Decorating Ideas!

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Refresh Your Home with These Spring Decorating Ideas!

Bees are buzzing, the trees are colorful, and the air is sweet with the scent of blooming flowers. Which can only mean one thing—Spring is here!

Are you itching to finally stretch your limbs and venture outside as much as I am? But as you look around, perhaps you’ve noticed your garden could use a little tender loving care, and your kitchen needs brightening up.

Have no fear, Cathy & Garrett, from The Grit and Polish, can help you breathe life back into your home this spring with the following decorating ideas:

photo of a garden

Photo Courtesy of The Grit & Polish

Create an Inviting Garden Space

When you're redecorating your garden space, leave enough room for the grandkids to run around, or plant eat-off-the-vine vegetation like raspberries and blueberries! For more inviting garden tips, read more here!

Revamp Your Garden with a Greenhouse

Have you ever wanted to create a Greenhouse but didn’t know how to get started? Cathy & Garrett helped their Nana build one this past Mother’s Day! Read more to find out how to build your own, while wearing a cool sun hat as you work. They’ve even included a link to Nana’s famous Mulch recipe!

Brighten Your Kitchen with Fresh Cut Flowers

Is your kitchen needing a little breath of air, or a fun splash of color? Try adding a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. Cathy can teach you how to grow and display fresh flowers around your house for spring right here!

Find new pieces on CTBIDS

Want to display fresh veggies or flowers to spruce up your space but don’t own any fun pieces? Go to CTBIDS to find fantastic vases for all your display needs, just like the one below!

photo of vases



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